Couples therapy Toronto?

You don’t feel happy in your relationship and want to see IF and HOW you can move “SAME” forward.

Clarity from couples therapy

Your Love’s couples therapy is online, affordable and effective under the guidance of a regular couples therapist. In 13 steps, you gain insight into yourself, your partner and how you function within the relationship. All sensitive topics are addressed. Think about:
Attachment, emotion regulation, communication, dealing with criticism, conflict, fears, jealousy, infidelity, connection, loyalty, intimacy, sexuality, relational needs and separation.

How does Your Love's couples therapy work?

After checkout, you will be sent two emails. The first email contains the access code to the online couples therapy.
The second email contains a link to your regular couples therapist’s personal page.

What does couples therapy cost?

For CAD 197 including VAT, you and your partner receive one year of unlimited access to Your Love’s online couples therapy and online guidance from a regular couples  therapist.
couples therapy toronto
Loving intimate relationship

Free introductory meeting

Before you order the online couples therapy, it is possible to speak to a couples therapist about the structure of the couples therapy Toronto. If you provide your name, phone number, city and the best time to call, we will contact you.

Couples therapy Toronto? It's about Your Love!